¿Quién eres? 

My name is José. I was born in Barcelona and started teaching Spanish in 2006 when I arrived to Tel-Aviv. Since then I have had the priviledge to help hundreds of people, from different ages, countries and backgrounds, learn and improve their Spanish.

It is very exciting to meet curious, creative, resourceful and open minded people from all over the world that want to be able to speak Spanish, and I am specially motivated to help them do it.

¿Por qué has creado PractiSpanish?

From my experience, the single most important thing that Spanish students need today is a place to practice and apply all the theoretical knowledge available.

I have noticed that, although there is plenty of theoretical information out there about the language, it is very hard for most students to find a reliable and affordable way to actually speak and practice. And so, PractiSpanish was born.

My goal is to help you learn, improve and practice your Spanish. This has to be convenient, efficient and fun, so at the end of the day you accomplish your goal: hablar español.

¿No se aburren de enseñar español?

Every session, and every student, is different and special. Being dynamic and focused on the student is essential for staying fresh and being a happy tutor.

I love what I do. Meeting interesting people and sharing my culture with them is fun. Watching how my students grow and improve their skills makes me feel very very proud. And I enjoy the flexibility and independence of working online.

I feel thankful and blessed for the opportunity and the ability to help more people communicate in Spanish!

Everyone wants to speak Spanish with PractiSpanish

¿Español de España o de América Latina?

If you are interested in a specific local style, tell me about it or let me know during your free trial session.

¿Qué plataforma usamos para las clases?

You can choose between Skype and Google Hangouts, which are the two most popular options. Also, we can connect through Zoom if you prefer.

¿Qué precio tiene una clase?

When you book one single lesson, or practice session, the price is 21€. Most students book the 10 lessons pack and enjoy a discounted price of 19€ per session.

¿Cuánto dura una clase?

A standard session lasts 45 minutes. This is the optimal duration I have found to be most effective. Also scientific research concludes that beyond 40 minutes students concentration starts to decrease.

However, if you prefer to schedule longer or shorter sessions, please let me know and we can arrange that. ¡Todo es posible!

Let’s get started! Reserve your free 20 minute session or book your first online Spanish lesson. ¡Nos vemos!