Spanish Question Words (because great conversations start with good questions)

Want to speak Spanish? Learn the Question Words!

¿Qué? What? A great conversation always includes questions.

¿Por qué? Why? It is the most natural way to get the conversation moving forward.

¿Cómo? How? A question is an invitation to your conversation partner to share something with you.

¿Cuántas? How many? Questions are great but don’t get overexcited. If the answers get shorter and shorter, it’s time for a break.

¿Quién? Who? When questions go both ways in a friendly and natural way, you will both feel more open and connected.

¿Dónde? Where? Everywhere.

¿Cuándo? When? Now, of course!

Which ones? Just get started with one, then learn another question word… And if you want the whole list of Spanish questions words, here it is:

Spanish Question Words
Spanish Question Words

You can also watch a video I made for my Spanish for Beginners course.

¿Dónde está el vídeo? Aquí:


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